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Douglas E. McDaniel, DDS

Care For Your Smile

Battle Creek’s Choice Family Dentistry Clinic

Quality dental care is available in Battle Creek, MI. During your visit to the office of Douglas E. McDaniel, DDS, you’ll receive the finest dental services in the area. At Dr. McDaniel’s, we value our patient relationships. Our philosophy is to provide treatment to the entire person, with a special focus on how your teeth and gums relate to your overall body health. We’ll give you and your family thorough cleanings, dental treatments, and state-of-the-art care, ensuring your teeth are healthy and you love your smile. We’ll strive to make you feel at ease by providing exceptional patient care in a relaxed, convenient atmosphere, and we’re happy to answer all of your questions. Feel free to peruse our website for more information about our services and contact us today if you’d like to schedule an appointment.

Quality Dental Care

The importance of routine quality dental care can’t be overstated. It’s the difference between needing a cleaning and a root canal and provides the benefit of being able to enjoy all your favorite activities and foods without tooth pain or embarrassment due to tooth decay. At the office of Douglas E. McDaniel, DDS, we strive to provide top-quality dental care at fair prices. We offer a wide range of services including cleanings, emergency dental treatments, and cosmetic dental services. No matter your age or your background, we’ll ensure you feel at ease during your time with us and that your teeth look and feel amazing.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Does your smile need a makeover? When’s the last time you looked in the mirror and felt confident about your pearly whites? Today’s cosmetic teeth whitening treatments are painless and relatively inexpensive. No matter the amount of staining or damage your teeth have endured, we can revitalize them through multiple means including:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Veneers
  • Crowns and bridges
  • Implants and more!

Our team of dental experts will ensure your teeth and gums are healthy and ensure you feel at ease throughout the process. Enjoy a fresh, vibrant, and durable smile again. Savor your favorite foods without painful chewing. Give yourself the confidence you need to smile in any situation. Beautiful teeth are a phone call away when you contact our office today.

Preventive and Emergency Dental Care

People tend to visit the dentist under two different circumstances: either they’d like to prevent future dental issues or they’re suffering from a dental crisis. At the office of Douglas E. McDaniel, DDS, we can handle both types of needs. We offer family-friendly cleanings, X-rays, and fillings that will ensure your teeth and gums are strong, stable, and functional for years to come. We also offer emergency dental care that can repair chipped or broken teeth and immediately ease any pain you may be feeling. We pride ourselves on listening to our patients’ needs, making them feel at ease, and giving them quality care. Contact our office today for more information or to book an appointment.

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